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12 Jul, 2012

ALLAHABAD: He has never been to school but solves tough IIT-level questions of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and imparts tuitions to students aspiring for an entry in IITs. Meet Dinesh Dwivedi, an 11-year-old lad hailing from rural backward for whom solving IIT grade questions is an amusement. He is aiming to clear class XIIth exam next year and after that IIT.


Living in a small rented room along with his father, elder brother and sister in Mutthiganj, Dinesh is favourite 'guruji' to hundreds of students who dream of cracking IIT but cannot afford expensive coaching classes. Although his pupils are far elder to him, they call him guruji even as Dinesh smiles and explains the toughest questions to his students within seconds. Not only does he explain the methodology, but is competent enough to pose questions of his own on any given topic of Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry.



"Two years back, my father took me to the government primary school of our village, Khiwali Kalen in Koraon Tehsil. But the teacher used to beat me so I left the school, Dinesh told TOI. "Baad main Pitaji ne ginti aur pahada sikha dia, wahin se ganit main maza aane laga (later my father taught me numbers and tables, after which I got interested in Mathematics)," he added.


It was during last year's summer vacations when I started teaching him division which soon enhanced to the level of fraction in about a week's time. He started taking short courses of Science and Mathematics of class VIth to VIIIth and within one month, he learnt the entire course after which he wanted to learn more, said the elder brother of this little wonder, Om Shankar Dwivedi who is MSc in Mathematics from Allahabad University.


Interestingly, since he had never been to school and his intrusive questions often irritated me, I told him "bus ho chukka, bahut padh liya (Now you have learnt enough)."


Dinesh said: "When my brother refused to teach me further, I said, 'tum hamko question do, aur phasa sako to phasa lo, agar hum sab question kar le gaye to hamko padhana padega' (you give me questions of your choice and if I solve them then you have to teach me further)."


I soon started attending tuitions and one day when my brother was not available for classes, I started taking tuition of these students. Soon, I was able to solve the questions of class IXth to XII and then I started solving the questions of IIT and other competitive exams, Dinesh said.


Dinesh could be seen engrossed in thick books, all of various boards and writers along with reference books of IIT and AIEEE. "Although I have never been to any school, now I am well versed in course of class XII in which I want to appear the next year and after that in IIT entrance test," said Dinesh.


"Any school can take my exam and if I clear it then give me admission," he added. I want to meet Anandji of Bihar (he was referring to Super 30 coaching run by Anand Kumar) who will guide me and I will surly clear IIT in the first attempt itself, said Dinesh. "After completing engineering, I will give civil services and become a District Magistrate (DM) and after that a scientist," Dinesh told TOI about his wish list.


When TOI tried to test him by posing some difficult questions of previous exams, he solved then in minutes and said: "Why give me easy questions, try something difficult."


Commenting on the incredible talent of the boy, head, Department of Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Prof Avinash Pandey, said, "Gifted boys such as Dinesh should be promoted as they are sure to make the city and the country proud by their achievements."




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