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The admission process starts with the various state and all India level entrance exams and subsequent declaration of results in shape of merit/ranks in the month of April-May.Lakhs of students compete for few thousand available seats in good colleges. And then starts the long and exhausting race for admissions in good colleges Admission Counseling is done by different counseling boards/universities at all India  as well as at state level and each of them hold 7-8 rounds of counseling.   Every board/university has different set of rules-regulations & procedures.The whole process is cumbersome. It goes on for 6 months till the month of October and students remain under the grip of constant stress and anxiety, spending sleepless nights. This is the most neglected aspect of the whole process and many students despite getting the reasonable ranking faulter at the crucial time and mess up their chances.


As during years of preparation for enterance exams, you tried to clear the concepts of various subject topics, you also require to research & understand the details of admission process. A lesser than expected rank does not mean the end of your chances. You still can get into your desired college or equally good college. There are lots and lots of opportunities available. What is required that one should stay motivated, ready to fight it out and keep watch for the right time. And slight hard work during this period will remain beneficial during the whole of your life.  A little more aware and persistent people get into the better colleges every year. Every year there are new laws, procedures, writ petitions/court cases during counseling process which are exploited /utilized by the smarter kids to their benefit. So the combination of latest information, awareness and motivation can fetch you unexpectedly good results in securing desired admission results.



Admission guidance is the process of providing information such as course details, future scope, job opportunities, eligibility, admission process, fee details and other relevant factors.    


So we will be facilitating our registered students to join the most appropriate college as per their profile. We will provide our enrolled students,the tools which help them to identify and narrow down their choices of interest and guide them through the entire admission process which takes around 5/6 months. We will be providing appropriate solutions to all your admission related issues.




Our counselors/analysts mainly former IITians, NITians and engineering graduates from other prominent colleges keep studying the rules-regulation, procedures, strengths, defects of counseling procedures of all states. Also due to our pan India presence, lots of required information about colleges, branches, rankings, infrastructure, managements, counseling procedures, seat availability etc. is obtained with in hours. So the student is saved from botheration of visiting the home state as well as other state colleges. Lots of previous years data is readily available with us to assess the chances of student getting into a particular college. Our experts also keep processing the current year data at every stage /round of the counseling process which can give you the inside view of system to further your chances of suitable admission. Since the every student has a different rank, he is treated from individual prospective.



Package 1:                                                                                                                          Fee: Rs. 500





 The whole process starts with physical meeting with the student and their parents and after knowing their profile i.e. rank, area of interest, financial status etc.,  the consultant will counsel, motivate and suggest most suitable options to follow.


The students, who are unable to come to our office, may opt for on-line video counseling facility using their home PC or from a nearby cyber café.





We will provide you the information on branches of study available in India. We will also explain their future scope & job opportunities so that you can choose one as per your interest.





Information about colleges of national importance and state level colleges, their management details, infrastructure, faculty, placement records and overall rankings will also be provided.





Help in comparison between the colleges of your choice.







Help in choice of most suitable college as per your individual profile from the available choices.






You will also be apprised of seats available in top colleges of other than your home state.







You will be provided with tools to assess your chances of selection on all India basis.







 State Govts. have made provisions for free education of students, you will be provided the methodology to grab the opportunity & save around  Rs. 3 lac.






Information and help in securing various scholarships







Information about the total cost of education at different locations and colleges.






Information of availability of educational loans & help in securing the same from banks.






You can keep this as last option, but only after all your/our efforts are exhausted. We will not encourage you to go for this option rather we will try to find alternatives. However, if you take decision to go for it, we will help in reducing the cost. WE will tell you to whom to approach & when to approach in order to get best bargain. However, we again repeat that you should opt for the management quota, only if you have lots of spare money other-wise there is no need to stretch yourself & it is better to drop a year or enter next best college available.




 You will be kept updated of all relevant information during the 6 month long admission process through SMS’s on your mobiles and E-mails.




PACKAGE 2:                                                                                                                         Fee: Rs. 2500


 In addition t0 the package-1 services, our premium members will be entitled for two physical counseling sessions and the following additional services:


1.  Mentoring:

 We will be acting as mentors of the enrolled student. He will be under our guardianship till the admission process is over. We will keep watch on sudden developments & keep him updated on the available opportunities during 5-6 moths of admission process. We will be sharing his joys, sorrows, tensions, high and lows but not let him exhaust and keep him motivated till the final selection.




 2.  2nd opinion: 


 After gathering information from friends, family members, and websites and various other sources and making final choices, you can come to us for taking 2nd opinion on your final choice.




 3. E-mail service:/Sms alerts


 All the opportunities available will be intimated through E-mail. Also all your queries regarding streams, colleges, alternative options etc. will be replied on weekly basis. All your confusions will be removed with clarity & accuracy.  And the regular interaction will keep your anxiety and stress levels down through out the process.





          Mode of payment:


     1.  physical payment at our offices:


     a.  207, 2nd floor. SCO-360-61, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh

     b.  4025, Gaur green city,Indira Puram, Ghaziabad.




     2.  Bank A/c trnsfer in the name of "Edu Info Systems" a/c no.910020014382345, Axis-Bank.
















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